ALA stands for Advanced Learning Academy.

The ALA meets the needs of qualifying gifted/Advanced elementary students in grades 1-6 in the Ogden School District and surrounding area.

The program is housed at Taylor Canyon Elementary.

Students learn at an advanced level. Each grade's curriculum is advanced in

The ALA program has been sponsored by the Ogden School district for over 25 years.

The ALA is designed to offer highly-challenging, deeper learning experiences not ordinarily included in the general classroom.

Why Choose ALA?

  • Students learn at an advanced level Each grade's curriculum is advanced in the core subjects of reading, language arts, and mathematics.
  • The ALA faculty is required to have their Gifted and Talented teaching endorsement. Some teachers even have their reading and math endorsements.
  • The teachers possess a wealth of experience and knowledge about the characteristics and needs of academically gifted and talented children.
  • The students in the ALA have much less academic variability than a general classroom enabling teachers to teach more curriculum.
  • Following elementary school, the Junior High Honors Pathways and the Ogden High International Baccalaureate Programme Candidate School offer continuing rigorous educational opportunities.


All Students in the district are eligible to apply to the program


  • Students in the ALA program are held to a higher standard and must maintain academic achievements to remain in the program.
  • The ALA program has a dedicated enrichment specialist who can focus on assisting only 6 classes.
  • The ALA takes more enrichment field trips than a general program.
  • Children who are successful in this program are:
  • Motivated,
    Love to be challenged,
    Learn on their own,
    Have many interests, and
    excel in many academic areas.